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Besa Pharaoh


Besa Pharaoh

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Besa Chungu is best known as ‘Besa Pharaoh’. He is a young Hip Hop musician based in South Africa.

Besa Pharaoh provides a combination of eccentric, yet nostalgic street sound. This nostalgic street element is also seen in his stage image rooting to the core of the Hip Hop culture yet also being influenced by Caribbean clothing and jewellery, African patterns and other sources of inspiration.

His style is very Hip Hop rooted, artistic and may occasionally test the boundaries without intending.

Besa Pharaoh officially began making music in the year 2013 in a group called ‘Soul Quest Klan’, which he co-founded and is still a part of.

Since then he joined another group for experimental purposes and mutual gain called ‘6 Pack Bastards’ or ‘The 6”.Together Besa Pharaoh and The 6 have performed on several stages across the East Rand, opened for well-known artists such as Ricky Rick, Shimza and Ms Cosmo and also appeared on ‘Mzansi Insider’ which plays on SABC 1.

Besa Pharaoh and The 6 also released a mixtape containing 7 songs. This mixtape was released on music forums and was distributed personally using the group Facebook page as a platform to order the hard copy.

Out of these music groups he is affiliated with, he also makes music individually and on the 16 January 2015 he released his first single with a video which is available on YouTube and many other music sites.

On the 16 January 2016 Besa Pharaoh released a mixtape titled W.O.F.M (Working On Finding Myself), containing 6 songs and has worked on several features with artists in the East Rand.

What makes him different from other artists is that not only does he rap, but his versatility makes him very artistic in sound and lyrics. Having experienced both fortunate and less fortunate lifestyles has helped him witness the economic separation in society and helps him speak on this like one of his heroes, the late Lucky Dube (peace is upon him).

Besa Pharaoh has a vision of where his music is going as an artist and as a story teller. This would catapult this young talent to a position of a dynamic and sincere leader, with a strong voice for the youth.

Besa Pharaoh keys his reading and constant learning to have shaped his particular style of music. He also includes conversation to be the greatest source of inspiration.


W.O.F.M.S (Working On Finding My Self)


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Music Office (MiL Crew) – Sindiso Sphiwe Nocanda [+27 74 761 0051]

Music Office, Art Director (MiL Crew) – Oshoko [+27 84 297 5470]

Videographer – Kush Carter [+263 78 431 5887]


Photo credits – Oshoko.