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Music is Life

Nomonde Sky Mlotshwa

Image Cred. Nerdy Lense
Nomonde Sky Mlotshwa

Full name: Nomonde Sky Mlotshwa
stage name: Sky
Talent: Poetry, rapping and singing

I got bit by the art bug sometime in 2008 and to prove this is beyond my control, the virus stuck with me.

started from rhyming with words such as cool,wool,pool
to actually jotting stories in my work.

I find it thrilling to also jump in the deep end and every now and then;freestyle

so much has been put in writing that I have nothing kept in mind for moments when I must showcase my talent. .each poem is like a child (laughs)

but here is a little something titled; prodigal child-she puts her head where her mind allows| she pulls her heart before crowds| she speaks to nature even when god doesn’t allow| home is the world for her|no father figure and her mother is a waist|her siblings eat her food and say she has no taste|no house can home her|no man can own her|too original no one can clone her|the child with bad habits and runaway ways|prodigal child-running away never helps

has performed on various stages, from local hiphop shows to high school fund raising events, weddings, churchs,funerals and birthday parties.
her ability to create something out of clean pages has seen her freestyle everywhere including 2017’s MTV Base vj search. Her love for nedia spreads out to broadcasting, trying out for local community radio stations, yfm, etv’s frenzy and MTV base.
in the previous year (2016) , she worked with Boston Media House’s final year students on their projects starring as a presenter and singer.

her inspiration springs from everyday life, from a TV show to conversations with everyday people.
famous inspirations are a variety of great talent including Pro kid, Reason, Tumi,Lebo Mashile, Lauren Hill and Solange just to name a few.

*Dreams and aspirations*
The main dream is to make poetry a great and well recognised form of art, just as music is.
Also to go as far as Floetry’s route of fusing music with poetry.
To also work with great musical giants, also fusing the word with house beats.
To hopefully have a coupla books written in accordance with the great talent within.

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