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Thuli Grey


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Nokuthula Mncube (born October 30, 1993) better known by her stage name Thuli Grey is a South African female house vocalist who was born in the East Rand, and raised in the Vaal Triangle. She is currently a 3rdyear student in Human Resources Management at the Tshwane University of Technology and wishes to further her studies in Forensic Psychology.

Thuli’s music background started when she was doing grade 10 at Suiderlig Hoerskool. This is when she joined the school choir and at same time joined another choir that was external to the school. She grew into the love for music by having after school choir practices with a few friends that were also part of the school choir. The experience at the time was raw, because there weren’t any solo performances that took place due to efforts of also trying to build a career in the corporate world

Besides having to join two choirs at the same, other activities like studio hopping and open mic sessions that would take place from time to time at different occasions also form part of the learning and growing process in her music career.

After completing matric in 2011, college was next, and then came entrance into a university, where she is currently pursuing a National Diploma in Human Resources Management.

As a growing artist in the music industry, Thuli Grey envisions a very long journey that requires a lot of attention, hard work, determination, discipline and other norms that she believes will guide her through her music career.

She describes music as a lyrical science that forms a language that allows for communication between a sender and a listener. Within the language is a message constructed by the sender which creates a sense of emotion that both the sender and listener can relate to.

Since she is a versatile female vocalist, her inspiration for music comes from a variety of genres like Alternative rock, dub step, drum and bass, deep house, electro house, jazz- infused house, afro pop, hip hop, reggae and dancehall, these genres create the artist/ character in Thuli Grey and this is how she would like to communicate with her audience.

Her music aims to be soulful so that she can connect with individual souls to form collective souls that relate with the music. She is driven mostly by family, daily life experiences, nature, and its laws, healing, inspiring and motivating others, how people perceive the world and how this puts impact in their lives

She has the dream of having the power to communicate an inspirational and motivational message with a number of individuals all over the world at the same time.

Thuli Grey’s image is neutrally dark because it is based on dark art concepts and African concepts, with a touch of simplicity. She appreciates piercings with regard to her historical culture. She believes that without knowledge of darkness, knowledge of light can never be attained; this message also serves as a guide to her wardrobe.

Other than music, Thuli grey likes to jump on a skateboard and ride her lungs out, freestyle a few lines, research musical information on the net, communicate with other artists, attend music shows and social events, read informative books, make leather chokers since it’s also part of her image, getting to know new or other places and creating food recipes.

Her first project involves new entrance into a group by the name ‘6pack Bastards’, members are Besa Pharaoh and Flexx. Currently in progress is a track that still needs to be recorded that includes Thuli Grey, Flexx and Besa Pharaoh.

Thuli’s motto is: open your mind and seek truth

Availability for Performances:

  • Holidays
  • Weekends
  • Public holidays


Music Office (MiL Crew) – Fizz [084 404 4872]


Photo credits – Thuli Grey